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Skin Consultation is a series, on Reena’s Edit, all about skincare. We will cover product recommendations, daily routines, proper skin care, and the newest research for bettering your skin. Taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up. 


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My 5 Steps To Perfect Skin

Daily moisturizing, healing, and restoring the skin for a smooth, dewy look. In the past few years, we have steered towards natural makeup looks. The base of a natural look is clear, dewy skin. 


Prayer Journal — Religious Or Not

A journal gives you a private space to pour out all your feelings, cries, and thoughts. The difference between a prayer journal and a diary is here you pray (or hope) over a solution to every entry.


A Skin Routine Without SPF Is Pointless

After years of not wearing SPF (even on cloudy days), we try to renew our skin with anti-aging creams. But the root of the problem is a lack of protection to your face.


Reena’s Favorites

A list of Reena’s favorites of each category. The list is a mix of holy grails used for years, and seasonal favorites which have been newly discovered. Each product she swears by, so you can trust them too.

Featured Products

Start and start now. A month from now, you will either have a month or progress or a month of excuses of why you didn’t. 


-Reena, ‘Why Females are 2020’s Business”men“‘


Does My Eye Cream Have A Purpose?


What is AHA & BHA? Do I Need Them?


Why Is My Skin Still Dry? Even If I Moisturize?

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