Parisian Style: 12 Effortless Wardrobe Must-Haves

Parisian style is that the fashion world can’t beat. There’s one word that we can think of to describe Parisian style — it’s timeless. We all want to dress in timeless pieces, reasons each to their own but our main reason is it resonates with Paris. 

Today, we want to reveal the 12 timeless, elegant, effortless (and we can go on..) wardrobe must haves to replicate a Parisian woman walking down the street. 


  1. A striped sweater

  2. Black tights

  3. A pair of slingbacks à la chanel

  4. Black leather pants

  5. A pair of classic white sneakers

  6. Lots of high quality gold jewelry 

  7. A pair of minimalistic ankle boots 

  8. Trench coat

  9. Slip dress

  10. Classic leather bag

  11. An oversized blazer

  12. Classic black sunglasses 

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