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We as a collective, from Reena’s Edit, only recommend and post about products that we have tested and genuinely, honestly recommend. We cannot guarantee you will get the same results as we have because we all have different skin types (please take into account your skin type and allergies). 
We will only share products we are truly a fan of and are using ourselves in our routines, or else this will be dishonest. We will not be hindered to post something we do not agree with in trade for money or things such as. To create a relationship with our readers and establish trust for future projects, we strongly believe we ought to be honest – and even share our dislikes. 
We only accept product samples or clothing items for review and styling that have been agreed upon through email. Unfortunately, we do not have unlimited shelf space to keep things lying around, nor do we want to take away from its potential use to a person who needs it. We hope you can understand, but feel free to contact us describing why you believe this product is beneficial for our use and our readers’ use. 
Everything you see on our website is content created and researched by ourselves, and credit will be stated if created by someone else (for example, photos or written pieces). If credited to Reena’s Edit, please do not use any photos or content without first asking for permission. 
The products mentioned on this site and our Instagram are a mix of things gifted to us or things we have purchased. Any paid for advertisements will be clearly stated at the bottom of blog posts or in descriptions of any posts. Some of the links on this site or Instagram posts are affiliate links, which means we can make a small percentage from the items sold through the links.