Cycle Syncing Your Skincare Routine

I’m a new fan of cycle syncing to support your health and proper hormone function.

Your monthly cycle ushers in major shifts in your hormone levels, particularly the big players in skin health: testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. This can have a big impact on your skin care needs.

This goes way beyond your monthly pre-period breakout: your hormone levels are changing throughout your entire cycle, and your skin care needs change with it.



All hormones level drop—skin is dull!

Focus: Reducing inflammation and cell turnover

Skin nutrients: charcoal, salicylic acid, with hazel, apple cider vinegar, resurfacing acids



Estrogen rises and peaks—skin is glowing!

Focus: Nourishment and treatments

Skin nutrients: fatty acids and nourishing oils, resurfacing acids, vitamin C, zinc oxide


LUTEAL (DAY 16-28)

Progesterone rises—sebum and sweat increase!

Focus: Reducing oil and gently clearing out pores

Skin nutrients: salicylic acid, squalene, phytic acid, charcoal, corn starch (for body)

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