Try These 5 Body Care Tips for Great Skin

The skin on our face gets the most attention, but we like healthy skin all over our body. Here are 5 body care hacks to try that take no extra effort at all. 

• Apply moisturizer while your body is still damp from the shower. This helps to lock in moisture. Plus, applying lotion to damp skin takes half the time rubbing it in.

• Use coconut oil or hair conditioner as a shaving cream. Coconut oil is all-natural and leaves skin smooth and moisturized. Hair conditioner helps with a clean shave and no razor bumps!

• After applying SPF to your face, wipe the remainder on the tops of your hands and chest. These areas get overlooked, but they’re in desperate need of SPF as much as your face!

• If I try out a serum or cream for my face but don’t necessarily love it, I’ll use it on my body so that I’m not being wasteful.

• If we are going out at night and, especially, when showing skin, use body oil for extra glow.

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