The Self Report: What is Sensory Selfcare?

The Self Report is a series of posts on Reena’s Edit for mental health and wellness. These may include the newest research, previous or current experiences, and methods of care by Reena or featured guests. Some subjects we will cover are body love, the importance of self care, daily rituals for mental health, recommended products or services, self valuation, and creating your future.

Sensory selfcare is all about helping to calm your mind. 

Sensory selfcare helps you nourish your senses—  sight, smell, touch, sound, which is an effective way of bringing your mind to the present moment and helping to lower your stress levels. When you are able to tune into the details of the sensations all around you, it’s easier to live in the present moment. And when you’re in the present, you can more effectively let go of resentments related to your past or anxieties about your future.

When you think about practicing sensory selfcare, consider all of your senses— touch, smell, sound, and sight. Some ideas are— 

  1. Burning your favorite scented candle
  2. Having a piece of the most delicious chocolate cake 
  3. Cuddling up under a soft blanket
  4. Going to the countryside and focusing on the smell of the air
  5. Walking barefoot on the grass
  6. Focusing on the movements of your own breathing
  7. Lying down and listening to music with your eyes closed



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