The Self Report: Self-Care the Right Way

The Self Report is a series of posts on Reena’s Edit for mental health and wellness. These may include the newest research, previous or current experiences, and methods of care by Reena or featured guests. Some subjects we will cover are body love, the importance of self care, daily rituals for mental health, recommended products or services, self valuation, and creating your future.

Most of us are having a bit more free time than usual, and what better to focus on than ourselves. Most have been so busy and so rushed recently, so it’s like the universe is telling us to slow down and take care of ourselves. 

Why We Fail At Self Care:

Most of us are very busy, and we also get consumed by technology to make time for ourselves. Time for our own selves is usually the last on the list. Why? Because there’s no deadline for it. Schoolwork or work assignments, therefore, go first. We do not pencil it into our schedules either. Starting self-care can be challenging, but once you have a chance to start it up, do it. Once it becomes a regular habit, you will not let yourself go back. 
Sharing a few things I’ve been doing for my own self-care:

1. Making sleep a priority.

Being in my early 20s and still a student, sleep has not been at the top of my priority list. I’m sure some of you can relate; going to bed past 12am and getting up early has been my life in the past few months. People who consistently sleep less than 6 hours experience increased appetite, which causes weight gain, increases the risk of depression, can lead to heart disease and diabetes. It is advised to establish a regular, relaxing bedtime routine. I feel so different, so alive once I’ve started sleeping 8 hours every night. 
Trust me, it’s worth it. Here’s a glimpse of my evening routine (and plan to stick to it!!). 
     9:30pm – start unwinding before bed. Ex., have some mint tea and read a book
     10:00pm – run the bath and put on a face/hair mask and do a skincare routine 
     10:45pm – be in bed, do Five Minute Journal, say a prayer, continue reading
     11:15pm – sleep time until 7:30am

2. Get moving.

I’ve always wanted a slimmer stomach and a sexier butt, so I’ve been following Olesia Stefanko’s HitFit workout app for the past 2 weeks. She’s giving 3 free months of access to her workout program using the code STAYHOME. The exercises are targeted towards your goals and are progressively getting tougher every day. I’ve loved the variety of exercises, rather than running or doing squats. 

3. Fueling my body the right way.

Fueling your body the right way means nourishing it with high-quality ingredients. They say, “you are what you eat” for a reason! Eat and drink appropriately by taking your time choosing better options. 
A few ideas to make healthy eating habits: 
. Shop at farmer’s markets for fresh and organic produce. (And when you go, you’ll see those fantastic options, you won’t even be craving those processed options!)
. Cook more often (from scratch!). Relaxing, satisfactory, and a lot more flavorful! (If you take the time to plan out your meals for the week, this will be easier for you).
. Eat vegetarian once a week. 
. Drink water rather than soda. (Add mint leaves or lemon slices to add flavor)

4. Head outside for a walk. 

Spending some time outside is a great way to reduce stress, to clear your mind, and it lowers your blood pressure. Especially if you show signs of depression or if you are burnt out, spending some time outdoors can help you overcome these symptoms. Especially if you do some hiking or jogging, it will actually help you sleep better at night!

Time for our own selves is usually the last on the list. Why? Because there is no deadline for it.

5. Get organized.

I bought this journal from Fringe Studio to organize my thoughts, my to-do lists, and to keep track of my self-care routine. You can use a planner, but a notebook gives you room to write anything and everything you want. Having a set schedule for school/work, lunch and dinner, social media, mediation, and any other activities you might have allows you to use your day to its full potential. You will be organized and manage your time wisely instead of endlessly scrolling on your phone. Allotting appropriate time frames for activities allows for a satisfactory day. 

6. Moisturize and breathe. 

This is specific to your skin. When you have days when you don’t have a need to wear makeup, try to let your skin breathe. Putting on face oil or any face masks will help rejuvenate your skin. Facial oil seals in moisture, and it adds extra nourishment, can protect from harmful pollutants, and your foundation goes on smoother when you’ll be wearing makeup. I’ve also noticed how my skin has a healthy glow after facial oils. 

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