The Self Report: Self Care Is The New Way Of Care

My passion is to encourage young women in taking care of themselves and empowering each other. Inspiring each other of our beautiful bodies, our boss babe attitudes and work ethics, and ultimately looking after ourselves before looking after someone else. This blog is a platform to collect all the posts about young women empowerment and self-care which I believe is the success to a healthy mind and, therefore, a healthy lifestyle.
One of the ideas I encourage is to travel as it is so freeing for the soul. On my bucket list I have quite the list of different cities and countries to visit in the near future, like Morocco and the South of France. If you’ve never been to New York, my home, I highly recommend you plan a visit soon! Beautiful city with so many places to walk around to explore, food and coffee shops to stop by at, and it is shopping galore.

Pay Yourself First

Let’s start today with a simple idea. I learned this a long while ago in a ‘Personal Finance’ class. One of our assignments was to read The Automatic Millionaireby David Bach. I’m not here to tell you about the finance perspective, although, let me take a minute to explain the gist of his storyline. 

He takes example from one couple specifically, where the husband earned $40k a year and the wife similar, and they even retired in their early 50s. He explains how you, no matter how big or small your income is, could become a millionaire. And let me tell you, it’s possible. He tells about the theory of ‘paying yourself first.’ The paycheck you get, automatically have it scheduled to place a % of it into a savings account, that way you never have the option of spending the money on bills or other expenses. Your first priority is on your future. You’ll forget that money even existed, but it will be building up interest over the years — Bach recommends 10%.   I have taken this for my own life, but also am automatically saving for travel. This way when you have to come up with money for a trip, $3k doesn’t have to appear from thin air. You have been building up that money. I plan to expand on my list of traveled destinations quickly with this opportunity! 

Now let’s take this into a self care perspective. We spend quite literally 60% of our energy caring about what others think, if we are good enough, are we living up to their standards. Why don’t we first spend that energy on making ourselves feel good like working out, doing a yoga class you love, making a breakfast that will make you feel energized and your soul happy with the food you just had. Why don’t we not scroll through Instagram but instead take 30 minutes to an hour every morning getting ready with a pamper routine, mediating or a bath? All very beneficial to your physical health, to your mental health and your soul.

It’s small things like that, which get you out of your state of peace from sleep and energize you in the morning before work. Whatever energy you may have, spend a % of it on your self first. Don’t wait until the end of the day to come home and fall asleep on the couch.

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