The Self Report: For a Productive Week Do These 5 Things on Sundays

The Self Report is a series of posts on Reena’s Edit for mental health and wellness. These may include the newest research, previous or current experiences, and methods of care by Reena or featured guests. Some subjects we will cover are body love, the importance of self care, daily rituals for mental health, recommended products or services, self valuation, and creating your future.

1. Review your calendar for the week

Visualize what your week should look like, take note of the big assignments needed to be completed, break the big tasks into smaller ones, and write out your to-do list for each day.

2. Get all the basic chores out of the way

Do the laundry so it’s not piling up, vacuum and dust, and prepare your bag for work/school.

3. Plan your outfits for the week ahead

The last thing you want in the morning is to not find something to wear. Plan and iron your outfits for a stress-free morning.

4. Prep your meals and buy groceries

Prep your meals so you’re not rushing when it comes to preparing them in the mornings. write out your cooked meal plans for the evenings as well. Shop for the necessary groceries.

5. Check your bank accounts 

Double check everything is in order, from credit cards, to savings and checking accounts. If you budget, update this as well.

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