The Self Report: Fill Your Cup

The Self Report is a series of posts on Reena’s Edit for mental health and wellness. These may include the newest research, previous or current experiences, and methods of care by Reena or featured guests. Some subjects we will cover are body love, the importance of self care, daily rituals for mental health, recommended products or services, self valuation, and creating your future.

Have you heard of the analogy — you can’t fill someone else’s cup before you fill yours? I use this for everything, but today let’s touch upon taking care of your wellbeing.

Taking care of your wellbeing is not selfish; it’s necessary to flow with the nature of this world. You cannot fill someone’s cup until you fill yours first. Self-care is about preserving you as a human being, as well as your soul. Replenish those stores of your mental, emotional, and physical energy. It may be pausing life, or it may be an energy life gives out.

How do you fill your cup?

1. Spend some time on you. Get a mani/pedi or a spa treatment. Maybe merely a bath! It means that you need to stop and recharge yourself. Call up a friend and catch up. Fill your cup with joy — an energy life is giving you.
2. Take time to eat your meal or indulge in a desert. Nourish your body this way — another energy of joy.
3. Plan a vacation. You’ll get excited.
4. Attend a workshop – there are plenty of online ones today. Even Steve Moore created an online class to build bouquets at home. They sent the flowers, and you could follow a video to put it together!
5. Learn a new skill or pick up a musical instrument you haven’t touched in years. Bring back memories. Brush up on those skills you still have in the back of your mind.
6. Write a note for someone to make their day. It’s fulfilling for your soul and will completely brighten up theirs.

Some have an empty cup, but they keep pouring from it. But what are you pouring? Nothing. You’re pouring nothing. That is how you burn out. You will not feel fulfilled in the deeds you do or the people you converse with. Others may fill your cup as you can do for others! But this is when you take something from them. When you give from an empty cup, you will burn out fast and will be looking for a refill from others. When you’re capable of filling your cup just by spending some time away from others in need, you are an independent woman who is looking to build up others. Be the one who has grown strong enough to help others out. You can do it! Not everyone can, but you have this power and privilege of knowledge given to you to use.

How To Not Pour Out So Much:

1. Find simple routes to what you do. Sometimes this is possible by still making the very same impact. Don’t mistake this for getting the easy way out and cutting what you finish. 
2. Cut away negatives — whether it’s people or habits. Negative people suck the energy out of you. 
3. Learn to ask for help — this is a strength. People are gifted with talents and strengths just as you are. Humans can’t be good at everything, but one is better at something than the other. Help each other out. And people are ready to assist you just as you are prepared to give to them.


All photos by @bellamichlo

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