The Self Report: Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

The Self Report is a series of posts on Reena’s Edit for mental health and wellness. These may include the newest research, previous or current experiences, and methods of care by Reena or featured guests. Some subjects we will cover are body love, the importance of self care, daily rituals for mental health, recommended products or services, self valuation, and creating your future.
Does the society you live in determine your choices? Are you too afraid to put yourself out there because of social pressure? Often wonder what the secret to success is? It’s not all about gaining the confidence to make that leap into your dreams. You may find the people around you tell you that you live in la-la land, or you have unreasonable ideas that will get nowhere. Most are not afraid of being judged online. Most are afraid of being judged by their own friends. 

So, how does one overcome this fear? How does one find the ache to keep going?

The most crucial thing is — to determine what YOU desire. 

Once you establish your idea, determine step one — make a plan. Make a thorough game plan, where you are wholly driven by it and do not have second thoughts in any area. A precisely detailed action plan is motivating, accounts for mishaps along the way, and is filled with determination. Ultimately, you will refer to back why you started, but will also see your next course of action without trailing off. 
As you create a plan, focus on what you wish to accomplish. Use this plan to achieve these smaller steps; organize and put them into perspective. An outline helps you stay focused and to keep your mind on the personal purpose of why you are doing this. 
A few pieces of advice?  1. Don’t look around — you won’t allow those arrows to bring you down. Nothing will stand in your way until you are living your dream life.    2. It is you living that dream life. They will still be dreaming.    Everything you are imagining CAN be real. 



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