The Best Beauty Instagrams

Why should you care about your bad habits? “We are what we repeatedly do.” — Aristotle. Bad habits jeopardize your mental health from a broad perspective. Specifically, it may stand in the way of you accomplishing your goals. You may be wasting your time and your energy, or even hurt your physical health.

Today, genuineness can be found through so many small beauty Instagram pages, where those young ladies put in loads of effort to share with us. Let’s support small bloggers together!


Laura Cranston (@girltalkwithlaura)

Ilana Geldenhuys (@beautybyilanag)

Lee-Anne Van Zyl Heinse (@leeannemua)



Romy Van Haecke (@rustyrevolvers)

Rachel (@skincarestandard)

Kahina (@skin_obsessions)



Jordanne (@ofaglasgowgirl)

Jess (@brunetteedit)

Check out these ladies and their blogs! xx

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