The Bedroom Edition: Why Choose 100% Cotton Bedding?

This series, The Bedroom Edition, includes all posts about creating your bedroom as a peaceful, restful place. Get the insight from experts and create your bedroom to be most beneficial for your body’s sleep.

1. It’s breathable

Cotton is a pure, natural material, and this means that when woven into bedding, it makes the fabric breathable.

Cotton absorbs the heat from your body throughout the night, allowing you to stay cool and dry. As well as keeping you cool in the summer, it will keep you warm throughout the winter by absorbing and retaining your body heat. If you’re sleeping in man-made materials, like polyester, they’ll absorb your body heat, rather than naturally ventilating.


2. It’s soft and non-irritating

If you suffer with sensitive skin , you’ll want to avoid irritating it throughout the night as much as possible. Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic, so has limited association with any allergies, and won’t cause any irritation or itchiness. It’ll ultimately improve your quality of sleep.

Perfect for sensitive skin!


3. It’s long lasting

A natural cotton bedding set can last almost twice as long as any man-made alternative. You won’t be replacing it as frequently.

It’s also low maintenance, despite people’s belief. There’s no hand washing, drying or hours of ironing. Most cotton linens should go straight into the machine and be washed as usual at 40 degrees. There’s no need for any fancy detergents, and you can even pop it in the tumble dryer on a low temperature.

Top tip? Take it out when it’s still slightly damp and dry flat, this will help with reducing how much ironing it needs.

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