The Bedroom Edition: White Linens

This series, The Bedroom Edition, includes all posts about creating your bedroom as a peaceful, restful place. Get the insight from experts and create your bedroom to be most beneficial for your body’s sleep.
Have you ever noticed the crisp, white bed linens in hotels and hospital rooms? Why do we go away on holiday? When we think of crisp, white bedsheets, what comes to mind? They promote a sense of rest and relaxation. 

Your Environment for Sleep:

A bedroom is an environment for sleep but consider color as an essential factor. The color of your bed linens is just as important as the quality and material. Color has a psychological impact on us by nature. Our sleep environment mustn’t cause headaches, discomfort, or any other negative emotions such as fear or anxiety. 
White is often associated with purity, cleanliness, and space. White is commonly used in homes, creating a sense of space. It gives an illusion of a bigger room, but also white is a neat color that portrays a clean home. Your bedroom should not be busy in color or design. Instead, you need to instill quietness. Take into consideration that a bedroom is primarily a room for sleep. Color choice makes a big difference. Prepare that space in so you will be like-minded before your hours of rest. 
The white color paints a comforting scene of serenity and cleanliness. Studies show white is used in homes to destress the environment. Use whites to bring a feeling of purity and freshness to your home. Hotels with airy, white linens associate with relaxation, which brings peaceful sleep, and luxury as well.

White Maintenance:

Contrary to belief, white sheets are easy to maintain. White is the easiest color to launder with a simple recipe of hot water and bleach. If you prefer to avoid bleach, my mother uses this recipe – soak in warm water mixing in distilled vinegar, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and baking soda. In fact, patterns and different colors make stain removal difficult. Those sheets may fade or bleed their colors. Whites are naturally easier to launder. If they get stained, that is when you know they are not clean anymore. You can tell on white linens that you’re sleeping on clean linens. 

White in a bedroom is timeless elegance. Although some believe white is a tedious color, I assure you it will not be in the bedroom. The attention is on the bed, surrounded by color and detail you have arranged throughout the room. White is a versatile color and works with any color scheme. A white bed is also a classic style that is inviting in the evening.    Although your body may be sleeping on them, white linen sheets bring mental health benefits.

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