Skin Consultation: Questions for the Dermatologist

Skin Consultation is a series, on Reena’s Edit, all about skincare. We will cover product recommendations, daily routines, proper skin care, and the newest research for bettering your skin. Taking care of your skin is more important than covering it up.

How can I decrease the appearance of my acne scars?

There are different types of acne scarring. Darkened or hyper-pigmented acne scars can be improved with sunscreen, vitamin A creams, and topical vitamin C. For skin texture changes such as deep divots in the skin from your acne, you should look for treatments that help remodel the collagen, such as micro-needling, chemical peels, or lasers. 

What is AHA & BHA? Do I need them?

Yes! Alpha Hydroxy Acid works on the top layer of the skin to smooth it out. Beta Hydroxy Acid penetrates deeper to help even out skin tone and reduce the oiliness of the skin. The best way to use AHA and BHA is to use them at night (instead of your retinoid or vitamin A creams to minimize irritation of using both products). 

Tip: Always wear sunscreens in the morning as acids will make you more sensitive to the sun.

Can I get rid of my large pores?

The pores dilate from wide to narrow and narrow to wide, but you can lessen the appearance of large pores by sticking with a good skin care routine. Once or twice a week exfoliate. Also using products with green tea as an ingredient will help shrink pore size. Green tea cleanses the pores and contains antibacterial agents.

Can oily skin be dehydrated?

Absolutely! Oily skin can even be a sign of dehydration. Never skip moisturizer and choose one that’s lightweight and suitable for your skin. Avoid stripping products like bar soaps or other products with surfactants or alcohol.

Does my eye cream have purpose? Or can my moisturizer work the same?

If you have concerns like fine lines, darkness, or bags under your eyes, then there are eye creams that can target that. Other than these, if you don’t have any of those concerns than your normal moisturizer works just fine.

Always use your ring finger (it’s the weakest) to gently apply eye cream and concealer so that you don’t pull or drag the skin.

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