Romanticizing Romance: 5 Mistakes We Make In Relationships

Romance is not a dying trend, but we can’t let it happen if it turns that way. Whether you’re dating, newly married, or settled down, Valentine’s Day (or any day) can restart a spark between you two. Romanticizing Romance is a series about Lover’s Day and every other day between you and your love.

1. Feeling Entitled

Often we tend to have a sense of entitlement towards a partner without even noticing it. It’s okay for you to want your partner to do certain things for you, but you need to show appreciation to them, regardless of how small it is. 

Showing appreciation is a way to unlock your partner’s heart. 


2. Invading Personal Space

Everyone needs some sort of privacy, have their thoughts to themselves, and spend some alone time. If your partner doesn’t want to talk about a problem and prefers to be left alone, understand and give them space. Don’t try to pressure them or be too clingy. 

If you go out, don’t watch them like a hawk and cling to their side. Understand you were both individuals before meeting, and you each have your friends, interests, and things you do individually. Each of you should be willing to give some space without it becoming such a big deal. 


3. Involving a Third Party In Your Personal Issues

Your relationship consists of you two and you two only. It should remain that way and you should learn to settle your disputes without bringing in anyone else, even a friend or a family member. 

Do not share everything that is going on with everyone around you, unless it involves a form of violence or abuse. 


4. Comparing Your Relationship To Someone Else’s In a Negative Way

People only post and show off their relationships on social media and outdoors when things are going well, never the bad or ugly side. Do not be fooled by the things you cannot see behind the scenes. Be content with yourself and your partner, instead of comparing to the outside which leads to finding flaws and faults. In order to have a beautiful relationship, you should have amazing, positive energy that you bring together into your relationship. 


5. Not Caring About Appearance

Looks are a part of what attracted your partner to talk to you. And in many cases, looks were the first thing they noticed, so this is why you should not relent on looking good at any point in your relationship, even in your marriage. There is some joy your partner feels when you are desirable and pleasing to the eye. 


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