The Self Report: Romance Is Not Dead

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After hearing relationship after relationship shatter into nothing, we wonder if romance still exists today.  But it does and we have proof. Take a look at Dylon Sprouse and Barbara Palvin; like how cute are they, right? We live for their Insta Stories and red carpet looks. 




You go out and meet someone, but before you date, you ought to become good friends. This changes everything about your future together. You create a relationship together out of love and affection for each other. You can only send those cheesy pick up lines or corny jokes or laugh together over anything if you become each other’s best friend.

Then romance comes in and your heart will feel it  it will feel right. Let’s not let romance die in today’s world. Some say love letters and meet ups were the heart of romance, and that today the digital world has killed this vibe. It can still be alive through action or the words we use. Romance is even just a simple good morning message. Start off their day in the best way, even before it starts. Add in some emojis and a cute nickname you call them, and you’re pretty much guaranteed a smile.

It doesn’t have to be flowers or expensive gifts. It can be something as simple as a note you leave for her/him while they’re still asleep before you leave to work. It can be a candlelit movie night with snacks and lots of pillows. It can be a drive to the watch the sunset. It can be taking her to the skate park. We appreciate the little things as humans. 

Romance is even just a simple good morning message.

A girl can be wooed by words — but so can a boy. No need for sentimental objects. If you want to go a step further, get her roses. If you care to go even go further, then a card with a note from the heart they will appreciate. Once in your life one must create one of those journals we see on Tik-tok or “couples’ pages” — fill a journal with memories you’ve had together, how much they mean to you, messages they’ve written or nicknames they call you, poems or quotes, and pictures as well! You may go further and get jewelry. With whichever gifts you chose to pursue them, do something worthwhile

Romance is not a dying trend, but we can’t let it happen if it turns that way. Whether you’re dating, newly married, or settled down, Valentine’s Day (or any day) can restart a spark between you two. 



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