Relationship Killers To Avoid

Romance is not a dying trend, but we can’t let it happen if it turns that way. Whether you’re dating, newly married, or settled down, Valentine’s Day (or any day) can restart a spark between you two. Romanticizing Romance is a series about Lover’s Day and every other day between you and your love.

A lack of care for how the other is doing

Love engenders a genuine concern for one’s partner — not merely concern that is felt, but concern that is also expressed in meaningful ways. We may feel deeply for the other person but our spouse is not a mind reader, you ought to express your feelings for them. Seems simple enough. Communicating that love is as easy as, “Hey, how are you doing?”

Needing to be right

It’s so much easier to point the finger and shift the blame. But the moment you let go of your pride and choose your relationship over all else, you’ll notice how healthy your relationship has turned out to be. 

Withholding your love

Love comes in many forms and here we speak of intimacy. Withholding intimacy diminishes affection, trust, and desire in a relationship. It’s one of the greatest forms of betrayal in a relationship. 

Demands rather than invitations

A relationship and marriage is a partnership both parties come into and it must remain a partnership. Strict demands over an invitation to a discussion have no place in a partnership. Your decisions must come in agreeance. Partners will make agreeable decisions with the following points — they have the same fundamental beliefs, can sit down and discuss, and take each other’s opinions into consideration. 

Betrayals of trust

A relationship is between 2 people. As soon as you enter into a relationship, the trust is established. If either cheat, this trust is broken and can never be mended again. Forgiveness is possible, but the wound will always remain there. 

Prioritizing your biological family over your relationship 

The role of your parents, in-laws, siblings and friends all shift the moment you say “I do,” because when you join together as one, you’ve chosen to put your spouse above all others. Too many marriages are struggling simply due to a lack of set priorities. Here is an example of what some may prioritize in this order — their faith, their new marriage, their responsibilities to career/business/activities, and their family. Healthy marriages learn to choose one another above all others. There must be a set list of priorities to navigate through life. 

Tolerating little lies

A small lie is just as dangerous as a big lie. Why? Because they both have the same impact on intimacy. Honesty in marriage is like the chain that holds you together. Removing one link, or 10 links still does one thing — it causes separation.

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