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How To Spend New Year’s Eve

The classic: attend a party!Put on your best dress, and join a party to ring in the new year! A sparkly dress, drinks and food, games and lots of entertainment. What better way to ring in the exciting new year than a lively party. OR.. host your own!This can be more intimate and a chill vibe. […]

Simple Ways to SAVE MONEY #AdultingHacks

How To: An instructional series to instruct our readers with routines, guides, and recipes. Cancel your gym membership and workout at home I don’t know about you, but my gym membership costs $129 a month. Yes, it includes a steamroom and a pool, but how often do I use that? Not enough. There’s great workout […]

Skin Consultation: 5 New Things To Try For Great Skin

1. Do an oil cleanse every once in a whileClean your face as you do, then spend 10-15 minutes massaging your skin with the oil of your choice in circular motions. Once you’re done, take a clean hand towel, dampen in warm to hot water and gently remove the oily residue from your face.2. Steam […]

How To: 7 Clever Ways To Respect Mother Nature

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle, each of us make a difference no matter how small—Turn off the water while you brush your teeth and cleanse your face.Reduce junk mail by downloading the app PaperKarma and unsubscribe in the app (not all companies are linked with the app but many are to start!)Keep extra reusable shopping totes […]

7 Beauty Habits To Adopt As Soon As You Get Engaged

Engaged? Here are a few beauty habits you need to adopt as soon as you get engaged…not start on a month (or days) before your big day.1. Quit it: biting your nails.You need pretty hands as a bride. Everyone will be looking at your hands (show off that ring!) and they will be photographed, so they […]

Skin Consultation: What are the Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

Why does the area under my eyes appear darker?It may be due to the constricted blood vessels causing hyperpigmentation or from thinning of the skin around the eyes. What are the common causes of dark circles?The first you may guess—a lack of sleep or poor sleeping habits. Other causes may be allergies, including hay fever, or excessive […]

The Self Report: For a Productive Week Do These 5 Things on Sundays

1. Review your calendar for the weekVisualize what your week should look like, take note of the big assignments needed to be completed, break the big tasks into smaller ones, and write out your to-do list for each day.2. Get all the basic chores out of the wayDo the laundry so it’s not piling up, […]

The Self Report: 10 Habits You Need To Start Tracking

Here are 10 inspirational prompts for habit tracking. Organize your life by setting goals and working on them daily. It may be easy to forget them, unless you track them daily in a notebook or on your phone. Prioritize habits within your schedule and your daily routine.Comment down below any other ideas!

The Self Report: What is Sensory Selfcare?

Sensory selfcare is all about helping to calm your mind. Sensory selfcare helps you nourish your senses—  sight, smell, touch, sound, which is an effective way of bringing your mind to the present moment and helping to lower your stress levels. When you are able to tune into the details of the sensations all around you, […]