Our (SIMPLE) Guide to Manifesting

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Our Guide to Manifesting Your Dreams into Reality

Manifesting has become too popular recently with people on our right and left dreaming. And that’s all they dodream. People forget the real, applied work that needs to be put in. Let’s take the spiritual out of manifesting and look at the clear step-by-step guide to fulfilling our desires. 

So what does it take to live out your desires, to get to where you are, to go on your dream vacation, to find your dream hubby? Let us guide you through it. All it takes is for YOU to do it (and we will simplify it by writing out the steps to get there). It’s not always easy, but at least we can take this overwhelming, out-of-reach desire and help you get there.

Create for yourself the table we did to write out our dreams. 

What do you want to do? Whether that’s to start a business, travel, pay off your debt, etc. Find your end goal first. 

Visualize yourself having to have reached that goal. Since spending my honeymoon in Italy is mine, I included a photo in Amalfi Coast of the beauty Leonie Hanne. I visualize myself there in a few months’ time. 

Speak your dream into existence: to my fiancé, I’ll say “I can’t wait to spend 2 weeks in Italy with you!” or to my friends, I’ll tell them “I’m so excited to go to Italy for our honeymoon!” Speak your end goal into existence. Speak as if your flight is already booked. 

Now, the work. What will I do to actively be putting in the work to get to Italy? $$$ is the pivotal role to travel. So I will put away $200 each week for flights, hotel, food, etc. Each week I will show up and do whatever is written in that blank. 

Finally, goal planning: a step-by-step to your end goal, separate from (back to my example) putting away $200 each week. Start from the bottom and work your way up to the end goal. The more specific you are at each step, the less overwhelming it will look overall. 

Referring back to the example, my first step was to decide which part of Italy we wanted to visit, and then how much we needed to save up to go. The next step up was to save up the money, but how?—shop less, cook at home, etc. This step helps me save $200 each week. Then, I have to book the flight and hotel, create an itinerary for each day, pack, and then go! 

(Something we left out was when to go—but we knew our honeymoon was right after the wedding day and for 2 weeks time). 

Marianna Hewitt first posted of this guide on her stories after a Q&A, credit to her. 

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