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My fiance and I just recently bought our first home and I’ve been over-the-moon excited to live in a home of my own, decorate, and even clean! Can you believe it? Clean…if you know me, I almost never clean but having my own home has changed me. Leave a comment with any cleaning hacks you want to share with us. 

Our Best 17 Cleaning Hacks:

Our recipe for cleaning the microwave — squeeze a lemon into a bowl of water (and drop in both halves in the bowl as well), and heat for 5 minutes. Then let stand in there for another 5 minutes, and wipe off the walls and turn plate with a rag. 

Want to refresh and fluff your towels? Do these 2 cycles. First, hot water with vinegar. The second, hot water with baking soda.

Spray your cutting board with hydrogen peroxide. A minute after, clean with dish soap and a rag. The HP alone will kill all the odor-causing bacteria. Quick tip: attach a spray nozzle to the bottle for easier application. 

Always keep paper towels or napkins in your car, always!

Place your laundry into the dryer immediately after washing. If you wait overnight, they will have a significantly more amount of wrinkles.

I don’t know about you, but my vacuum gives off this foul smell. Drop in a few drops of essential oils on your vacuum filter or inside the bag for a pleasant smell when vacuuming. 

Line paper towels on top of cabinets and change them out every few months. 

Fill a cleaning brush with dish soap and vinegar and keep it in your shower. While masking, do some cleaning so you won’t have to after. Plus it’ll be shiner if you use dish soap as opposed to bathroom sprays!

To clean out handbags, use a sticky lint roller to clean out all the junk inside.

Clean mirrors with water and a rag, dry with a clean one immediately. 

Hot water and powdered tide cleans everything, like floors and walls!

Our recipe to get rid of fruit flies — a few pumps of Dawn dish soap, a splash of apple cider vinegar, and water in a bowl. 

Put a rag over a butter knife to clean the crack between your stovetop and countertop.

Our recipe to get stuck-on food off a baking dish — baking soda and boiling hot water, let still if stains are tough!

Stinky shoes? Drop in 10-15 drops of essential oils onto cotton balls and place them in the shoes overnight.

Do you have blinds? Grab rubbing alcohol and an old sock, and stink your hand in. Spray the blinds one section at a time and use your gloved hand to wipe clean. 

Clean a blender by rinsing off your smoothie first. Then squirt in some dish soap and fill with water and blend for 30-40 seconds. The motion alone will clean the mess and any stains, and get all the hard corners without you sticking your hand into knives. Then just rinse all the pieces and place them on a towel to dry before assembling back. 


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