My Morning Routine

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I don’t know about you, but it took me years to get into a morning routine. It was never a priority until I felt I wasn’t successful anymore, and altogether in a bummy (is that a word?) mood. 

Very quickly, a coach asked if I had a morning routine. This can make or break your day. 

My Morning Routine

Wake up and get a sip of water

Gratitude journal (I’ve used the Five Minute Journal for years!)

Check my phone for a minute, but don’t reply to anything, just send a good morning message to my fiancé (can’t wait to get married and move in together!)

Meditate for 5 minutes — sometimes it’s a prayer, sometimes a breathing exercise 

Make the bed, open the curtains and stretch as I head over to do my skincare 

Put on an outfit I’m comfortable or confident in — depending on if I WFH or go out. Hair in a bun and a comfy outfit that’s easy to throw on is ideal, but when I have to go out, this is when it takes almost an hour. I love to listen to a podcast at this time to get myself in a business or positive lifestyle mindset.

Light a few candles around the home. I love my space!

Finally grab my phone and get to the missed notifications, and reply to the urgent ones. But no aimless scrolling! While I’m on my phone, I like to check up on family every once in a while and chat for a few minutes

Go over to-do list for the day. I write out 3 important tasks that have to get done that day, and 3 less important tasks as well. Of course, start with the important. As soon as you learn to organize your tasks with a list, you’ll clear that mess out of your head.

Get started on work for a few hours

Since I practice intermittent fasting, I eat brunch at 12:00 but drink water throughout the morning. Every day I try to get some sun by eating lunch outside, working in the sun, or just taking a walk.


Hope you enjoy! There are a few morning routine practices I would love to still incorporate. 

  • Working out is the most obvious but super difficult as I’m not a morning person
  • I also wish I found the time to read a book, but my mornings aren’t slow enough
  • I just bought myself a juicer and smoothie blender — may take 5 minutes in the mornings to make a freshly squeezed juice or smoothie
  • 10-minute journaling! I do this when I feel overwhelmed
  • Read more articles on business and lifestyle. We only get better from learning, and this is a great way to take in information. 

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