How To: What to Put Inside a Skincare Fridge

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Not only for the cooling effects, but a skincare fridge may also extend the life of your products.

Sheet Masks

Refreshing, tightening, and brightening — not to mention hydrating.


Eye Cream

Helps with deputing and can wake up your tired eyes.


Day Creams

Will increase their effectiveness at reducing puffiness, firming, and temporarily reducing the appearance of pores when kept in the fridge.


Facial Tools

Helps reduce puffiness, brightens the complexion by boosting the circulation and blood flow beneath the skin — giving a visible glow.


Temperature Sensitive Products

Like Vitamin C, a skincare fridge promotes shelf life. 

Flawless by Finishing Touch Skincare Fridge

The compact mini fridge that keeps your beauty tools and skincare products cool. 


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Sephora Skincare Fridge

The convenient mini-fridge extends your products’ life and performance.


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