How To: Creating Safe and Easy-To-Remember Passwords

How To: An instructional series to instruct our readers with routines, guides, and recipes.

1. Think of a Sentence

Think of a saying or sentence that means something to you or your favorite song. Take the first letter from each word and even change some to symbols. 

“My favorite vacation was Mykonos, Greece in 2019” —  “MfvwMGi2*19”

2. Combine Two Words

Choose two words and mix them together. Even add in a few symbols and numbers. 

“Boss Babe” — “BBoasbse” or “BBo@$b$3”

3. Use the Name of the Site as a Base

Add IG at the beginning or the end of your usual passwords.

“IG_hello” or “hello_IG”

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