How To: At-Home Mani

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We’ve been doing nails-at-home since the pandemic started. By now, we have become almost! pro. It’s not just nail polish either. 

Let us take you on a journey to get these beauties you see. We posted a tik-tok here. 


  • UV light such as this or this
  • Nail extension tips. These are the best! And it comes with the best nail glue 
  • A clear gel base and top coat. We like this brand
  • Any gel color of choice 
  • Nail file


  1. Glue on your nail tips and file to shape. 
  2. File the entire tip a bit as well. 
  3. Apply base, color and then top coat in that order. Cure between each coat. 

And voila! It takes practice and saves you loads of $$$. 

Tip: put aside your salon visit money each month into a vaca jar, or any jar you choose. Here are some ideas: a designer bag, shopping spree, or a new makeup. It can be anything. $100-200 a month goes a long way *winky face*


Photo from Pinterest

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