Get The Look: Why Highlighter Is A Must

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Is highlighter a fad? A highlighter that gives you an instant refresh and accentuates your features will not be a fad. Highlighter makes you look younger and brighter! In the last few years, we have steered towards more natural looks in fashion and in beauty. When you create a simple makeup look, a face highlight is a must.

A No-Makeup Makeup Look

Use a highlighter to accentuate the natural shine
Give your skin a bright and dewy glow  perfect for no-makeup looks
Enhance your complexion 
Make cheekbones more prominent

Tip: Embrace a subtle shimmer with a little cream highlighter. Using powders to fake features doesn't look real. Use creams instead.

Apply —
. on your cheeks, above the cheekbones
. bridge of the nose for a slimmer look
. inner corners of the eyes to look more awake
. on cupid’s bow to illude fuller lips
. along brow bone for arched eyebrows
. above eyebrow for a facelift
. mix with undereye concealer to minimize dark eye circles and to brighten the eyes

Tip: Use a makeup sponge or your finger instead of a brush. 

Consider this —
Will you be indoors most of the day? Use sparkly highlighter.
Will you spend most of the day outdoors? Use a subtle highlight.

Do you have dry skin?

Opt for a creamy highlight and pat it in.
Is your skin oily? You may opt for a powder highlight but use it last in your makeup routine. Use less than you would on dry skin. Your skin is already dewy and bright. 

We envy the runway models with sharp cheekbones. They wear cream highlighter. 

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