Get The Look: Prep Your Skin for that Big Event

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As enjoy as the event season is, every wedding, party, dinner, or gala comes with a full face of makeup. When you add in some sweat and humidity, you’re left with skin that looks dull and lifeless. 

Here’s a 4 step prep routine that will give your skin that natural glow. 

1. Cleanse

Cleansing your leftover makeup and oil is a no brainer for achieving perfect skin. However, using the wrong type of cleanser will give you that itchy feel that makes your skin feel too tight for your face. 

Look for cleansers that don’t strip away your natural oils. 

2. Exfoliate

With the layers of foundation for extra coverage, they end up as layers of product and dead skin buildup. This may lead to a breakout! You don’t need a gadget or even a scrub to make your skin soft.

Before rinsing off your cleanser, soak your face towel in warm water and lightly buff your skin in large circles. Make sure to pay attention to the sides of your nose and the crease of your chin that love collecting dirt and oil. 

Do this twice a week for collagen production, encourage the growth of new skin cells, and to reveal your smoothest skin yet. 

3. Tone

Toners are the support system for bright, clear skin. They balance your skin’s pH levels, tighten pores, and even keep that extra greasy oil production in check. 

Swipe some toner on a pad and swipe in upward motions to prevent your skin sagging in the long run. Do this after cleansing and throughout the day on no makeup days, and watch your face get back its glow in no time. 

4. Hydrate

Giving your skin the hydration it needs is the secret to youthful skin with less fine lines and wrinkles. Without this step, you will notice your skin feeling older than it is. 

Moisturizing should be the last step to ensure a smooth canvas to work with and no more patchy, flakey skin underneath your makeup. 

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