Get The Look: Minimizing My Color Palette

Get The Look is a series on Reena’s Edit. See expert fashion advice, hair styles and tips, and beauty tips. Get The Look is an instructional segment for you to achieve our looks.
A white top can be paired with multiple colored bottoms, for example, jeans, beige, black, print, green, etc. My problem was that I only wore black or jean bottoms. Neutral colored bottoms come in a variety of different styles — like jeans which come in skinny, boyfriend fit, mom fit, high waisted, flare, and more! It’s the same for every piece of clothing to enhance your style and the way you dress. Your looks will be quite chic every day when you have different styles of clothing. Keep them within the neutral color range for easy pairing.

Next Time I Consider Buying A Piece of Clothing:

1. Does it match at least two articles I already own?
2. Will I find a pair of shoes in my closet to match this dress?
3. Do I really need another white tee?
4. Is this pair of shorts going to make a difference this summer?
5. Can I wear this piece more than one season?

Buy less, choose well, and make it last.

-Vivienne Westwood

Jewelry Stacking:

Jewelry should be stackable, and you should be able to pair it with other pieces. You don’t wear a bracelet on its own. You also reach for a necklace or two, a few rings, and maybe earrings. A way to keep your pieces pairable is to keep them in one color — such as gold. Dainty pieces are both gorgeous but also comfortable to wear every day. Your pieces do not have to come in a set for you to wear them together. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings are all easy to stack.

Let one piece in your outfit be a statement. Whether it’s a top, a skirt, your jewelry, or your hair — let one of your pieces be the focus. Then build the rest of your look.

Layering spices up the outfit to add dimension, especially when it’s chilly out. Layering color and prints is a breeze when you have a neutral color palette. Again, let a piece be a statement and choose the others to compliment your overall look. When layering, your statement piece can be a printed t-shirt, a jacket, a scarf, a plaid skirt, or a pair of boots.

— You may not have a large-sized closet, as I don’t, so keeping clothing to quality, statement pieces are vital to the way I style my outfits. It may be easy to overwhelm yourself with the amount of clothing you may have, but it may also be easy to stress over tomorrow’s outfit. Quality, versatile statement pieces are key to closet success. Minimize your color palette in clothing and jewelry for breezy outfits!


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