A COASTAL grandmotherAT HEART and TALKING all things WELLNESS

Coastal views, a garden & a spacious kitchen. Wearing button-downs, cashmere sweaters & talking all things wellness

how to wear

Coastal gran dressing is A TWIST on standard NEW ENGLAND preppiness but more comfortable

Think about how you’d dress for an after-dinner walk on the beach rather than a day of sunbathing, and you’ll be in the right mindset. Coastal grandmas are ready for anything, whether it’s a trip to the market or a surprise guest at their door—that means being put together and comfortable at the same time.




Make up + Skin Care

Home + Garden

I Believe that

It’s not just about what you wear, but how it makes you feel

It started with a passion for wellness and a desire to inspire

Hello, darlings! My name is Reena. I actually go by my middle name, and this is my EDIT.

So yes, even though I’m only 24, I think I am definitely a coastal grandmother at heart!

And since I actually do live near the coast, I also know that the internet doesn’t get quite everything right about the coastal gran style. The whole aesthetic is heavy on a country home like the Cotswolds, a garden, a spacious kitchen, and healthy living so both clothes and decor will look like you’re a luxurious Hamptons home (never mind if you live miles from the ocean!). So let’s dig into coastal grandmother style—what it is, how to get it, and even a few missteps to avoid.

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