7 Beauty Habits To Adopt As Soon As You Get Engaged


Here are a few beauty habits you need to adopt as soon as you get engaged…not start on a month (or days) before your big day.

1. Quit it: biting your nails

You need pretty hands as a bride. Everyone will be looking at your hands (show off that ring!) and they will be photographed, so they need to be in top shape.

Try Bite It— tastes terrible but really will stop you from biting your nails. Then make it a habit to get a weekly manicure. In the short term this will make your nails look better, but over time proper nail grooming will make nail beds look longer and will control problems such as hangnails and dry cuticles.

If your nails are brittle, take a daily multivitamin such as Centrum regularly. It will make your nails stronger.

2. A fitness routine

Exercise is the best beauty treatment around, we all swear by it. As a bride, you’ll need to fit into that dress and look good in photos.

Also, getting blood circulating will give you a natural glow, and if you’re working out outside like running, you’ll get a little color without going sun-bed tanning.

3. Problem skin? Go see the derm

Even if you have the worst acne ever, modern medicine can make it go away before you walk down the aisle. Your dermatologist’s got you. If you have decent skin but breakout due to stress (very likely before the big day!), a dermatologist can give you prescription creams for that as well.

You can also experiment with botox or fills, if you’re inclined to. But be sure to try it all long before the wedding, in case you don’t love the results(!!).

4. Get your eyebrows into shape

Ask a recent bride for a good recommendation on this one. Eyebrows frame your entire face so go see a pro, not the backroom at the nail salon. If they’re too straight or too arched, they can look fake or drawn on, so work with someone who only does eyebrows(!!). 

5. Let’s talk about your hair

The rule of thumb is not to do anything drastic right before your wedding, but a few months in advance is a good time to consider your options.

Find a stylist you can stick with and talk about your wedding look. A good stylist knows how to pace changes, or make sure things go to plan. Do you want to lighten your hair or chop it short?

6. See the dentist

Like your hands, everyone will notice your smile. It will be a day full of smiles so go in for a proper dental cleaning as soon as you’re engaged and talk to your dentist about any necessary upkeep.

Take care of any fillings or root canals, because you don’t want to have to deal with dental work right before your wedding. This is also a good time to get your teeth whitened, or try aligners if you want to straighten your grin.

7. Facials

Facials deeply cleanse the skin, boost circulation and hydrate it. For best results, facials should be done every four to six weeks.

Start getting regular facials done at least six months before your wedding. Do not have your last facial too close to the big day(!!)—two weeks before is ideal. Ask your esthetician about microdermabrasion as well, if you really want your skin to glow.

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